Consultant & Manager
With almost 40 years of experience John uses his expertise to assist clients in selecting the best horses, arranging superior matings and managing their purchases.
With almost 40 years underwriting experience, John can place cover for clients at the best rates possible. The collective power of a larger premium base and years of experience are in the best interest of clients.
John Freeman is the publisher of South Africa's "Racing Bible", the SA Turf Directory. In production since 1985, this publication has become an invaluable tool to owners, breeders, trainers and industry players locally and abroad.
Stallion Manager
Manager of some of South Africa's top stallions, the Thoroughbred Group offers a professional and comprehensive service to its stallion owners and syndicates.
SA Stallion Power
Click here to read John’s informative article “Rating South Africa’s Stallion Power” in the April 2013 issue of International Racehorse.
John is the only Court Appointed Appraiser specialising in the valuation of thoroughbreds in South Africa.